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Below is a checklist of all the items that you must bring. Don't count on spares, although if you accidently forget you MIGHT be lucky with a spare, but DO NOT COUNT ON IT!
  • A computer or laptop (700mhz or faster with TNT2 graphics card or better)
  • A monitor (21" max!)
  • A powerbar (surge protector highly suggested but not required)
  • A cat5 cable (6 feet in length minimum)
  • A mouse (yes, even if you have a laptop... good luck fragging with the on board mouse... hahaha!)
  • A mousepad, especially if you have an optical mouse
  • A keyboard (not necessary if you have a laptop)
  • Entry fee
  • Yourself (yes, some people do forget this crucial step)
  • Your happy mood (bitchy old maggots are not allowed)

If you are missing any of the items above, you can contact the PB to see if he has any spare to hook you up with. Yes, sometimes he even has spare computers!