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For any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, you can contact The LAN Station at:

Position Explanations:
A Party Bitch (PB) The person hosting the LAN party. Most of the time, this person is also the Power Bitch, and those are given the same acronym. When the need will arise to have a distinction between the two, we'll update the acronym.

A Game Bitch (GB) Someone who ensures that all the games we are going to play are fully patched and that they are installed on every machine BEFORE coming to the LAN party.

A Network Bitch (NB) Someone who fixes out Networking problems, hosts the dedicated servers, and distributes any newer updates through the network (kinda like the iso thing).

A Power Bitch (PB) Someone who fixes the electric problems and makes sure no one jumps the circuit. However, PEOPLE STILL NEED TO BRING THEIR POWER BARS. Also, the power Bitch needs to make sure that everyone can connect their powerbars to some outlet.

A Food Bitch (FB) Instead of having snacks, I was thinking that people bring a certain amount of money (I'm thinking $3-5) and that the Food Bitch takes care of picking the food and getting the food (using the entry fees) to the LAN party. This would replace chips and cookies (mmm, white fudge) with pizza or subs, something with a little more substance. The Food Bitch, however, can pick snacks if he wants, although if everyone expected pizza, this bitch might get her smaking.

A Tournament Bitch (TB) Someone who arranges the tournament, sets up prizes (I have a few from last time), brings scoreboards, sets the kind of tournaments to be players, sets up teams, and updates everyone on the tournament status as well as declares the winner(s). In other words, all the tournies go through him.

A E-mail Bitch (EB) Someone who keeps track of everyone status and sends messages through e-mail to each player on a need be basis concerning issues they encounter, where to get the mods and patches for games if they cannot access the website, who to contact for this and that etc... Most importantly, if the LAN is closed the LAN location is disclosed through e-mail by the EB. Thus, if you want directions to the next closed LAN then you must give the EB your e-mail or talk to him (or the B) personally. Otherwise, you are on your own

A Web Bitch (WB) Someone who hosts and maintains the LAN website with news, links to mods and patches, etc...

If you feel like you are THE man for one of the available position, or if you think that you have some value you would like to add to the LAN staff, you can contact us by e-mail and let us know.  No, you won't have to go through a formal interview, although a resume would make nice scrap paper for that EE homework.

Staff History:
21st October 2005
PB: Jonathan Bruneau
GB: Jimmy Grindrod
NB: [position available]
FB: Dan White
TB: [not required]
EB: Jonathan Bruneau, Kevin Becker
WB: Jonathan Bruneau, Kevin Becker