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No, I'm we're not trying to be fun busters, but it's important to set the ground-rules of LAN parties and the corresponding consequences.  Breaking the rules given below will result in immediate expulsion from the party with possible future action (rule guideline obtained from ExtremeTech "LAN Party: Hosting the Ultimate LAN" by William Steinmetz).

  • The LAN party hosts are not responsible for anything that might happen to you or your equipment.  You are.
  • The LAN party hosts have final say about everything that happens at this event.  We can, and will, remove jerks to make things more enjoyable for everyone else.  Hopefully, you're not a jerk; if you aren't, you're going to have a great time.
  • You are responsible for having all appropriate hardware and software.  Unless you made previous arrangement with the LAN host, you are expected to bring a working computer with a network card.  Please do not bring a broken computer and ask us to fix it.
  • Plug in only where you are told.  Doing otherwise may lead to the infamous "click...aww" phenomenon (the fuse box goes "click," and everyone goes "AWW!").  If you are not sure where to plug in, ask a staff member.
  • Keep your station clean. YOU are responsible for leaving your area as clean as you found it.  If your area accumulates too many bottles and/or candy wrappers during the LAN event (ahem!), we may ask you to clean it up immediately; do not give us flak about this!
  • You must pay the LAN party entry fee (if any).  Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from party grounds.
  • Do not touch other people's stuff without permission.  The difference between "borrowing" and "theft" sometimes doesn't exist to some jerks, and it can become very difficult to prove one or the other: plus, we don't intend to try.
  • No stealing.  If you are caught, you are out.  Also, we will not only ensure that you are remembered as a two timing bung hole, but you will never be allowed to play at LANs in this town again... ever!  However, to make sure you make the news, we will call the police to ensure that the proper charges are pressed against you.
  • No horseplay, no running around like chickens without their heads, no throwing things.  The room at a LAN event is filled with thousand of dollars of fragile equipment.  If your shit breaks something, you are completely responsible for the damages.  Therefore, no wrestling, no affectionate tussles, no disk tossing or foosballs are allowed.  Obviously, violence of any sort will lead to an instant ejection from the party and most likely a permanent ban.
  • NO SPEAKERS!  Unless we are all ready to have a cacophony of god awful noise (which we are not about to, so don't even think about it), no speakers are allowed.  They consume additional useless power that could otherwise be used to feed another player's computer.  Headphones only, please.
  • No monitors over 21 inches.  The bigger they are, the more room and power they consume.  21" is more than enough to frag that sniper 5 miles away, so you don't need anything bigger.
  • Virus scans must be run on every computer before you plug in.  Not that we are going to verify whether this rule was followed, but scanning a computer with the lasted definitions is easy and painless and is a sign of courtesy to every one else at the LAN.  No one wants that Trojan horse lounging in your machine, and neither should you.
  • No one under the age of 18 will be admitted without their parents or legal guardian present.  Sorry, but this is done to avoid all the political garbage related with minors.
  • No smoking.  It's unhealthy, and it irritates many players.  If you want to smoke, take it outside.
  • No drugs or alcohol allowing inside the LAN room.  Although this might make the colors one your screen all funky, we simply do not allow it.  Anything you choose to do offsite is your business (and your responsibility), but any one suspected of being under the effects of any drugs or alcohol will be expelled from the LAN.
  • You may be ejected from the LAN party for breaking any of these rules or at the discretion of the LAN party hosts.  You are not entitled to a refund if you are ejected for any reasons.
  • Have Fun!  Yes, yes, we did just cram a whole lot of rules to you, but the point of a LAN is to have fun.  The whole point of these rules is to make sure that everyone stays in line and has the best time of their lives -- just don't try to be good at every game ;)
  • For any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, you can contact The LAN Station.