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21st of October 2005:

Tom just unable to stay away from my awesome machine!

Tom winning a game of CS against me... lucky shot

The gang (well, some of them)

Call of Duty undefeated masters. ARG, if only I had that BFG.

LAN Icon

Hey, is that our website???

Tom, sadly loosing in Call Of Duty... once again.


28 Tacos from Mighty Taco, all for the team! We love you FB Dan!

Will this damn ISO work?

Arr, why does this machine refuse to install Renegade? Piece of junk!

OMG, Renegade is installing!

And renegade is installed. Take a bow, Kevin!

Very early in the morning... you know what that means...

All the food you could eat for only $6. Not bad at all!

Sad Icon of a LAN

Even sadder LAN Icon

Sad Sadder LAN Icon